Monday, August 31, 2009

Make Money Knowing Dow Jones

I have some interesting facts regarding Dow Jones Industrial Indexes. Since 1895 to 2009 the chart lowest low starts to read from 28.66 on August 07, 1896 to present highest high at 14164.53 on October 9, 2007. If you want to know the future the history will probably gives you some clue.

Overall, whenever markets go down they will come up higher highs through the years as proven. The strongest will survive while the weak will say good bye - companies. That happens when new creative stuffs evolve such as in the 1800's when super design and powerful cars appear. In the 1900's technological stuff such computers and mobile phones stuff appear. However, consolidation or stagnation appear when nothing new seems to attract human to trigger the economy. Maybe in the coming late 2000's accessible amphibious crafts
for transportation or regular size watches with super computer capabilities might appear to the public at affordable prices and the economy will rush up as it attract more people to buy.

Now let me show some fun facts. Whenever the lowest reading from DJ appears the coming highest reading will be around 2 to 6 times higher. Wow, that shows that we are in for the next really strong bull run after this temporary bear market. Benjamin Graham was right in his studies and was one of the greatest investor in the world. Do not rush into any investment or trade cause lots of studies need to be done. The market might be heading towards the head and shoulder formation 1st for some time before heading north.

Please note that I am not any great economist, analyst or etc. The very real fact that a few great investors or traders make big money, they doesn't follow blindly from hot tips or news. However, I am a strong believer of George Soros 'Theory of reflexivity' , Jesse Livermore 'Follow the tape'
and Arthur William Cutten trading style. Ever wonder why 5% do things differently from the 95%? The 5% are very secretive about how they trade too.

I have compiled the decade's low to decade's high DJ readings as below, feel free to comments.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What's up for Aug 09'?

I have not been updating my blog for quite a while. The market had been trading in range bound and I take this opportunity for a break by listening to free seminars relating to trading. This is to update myself and to sharpen my skills in trading. Of course to meet traders too. One must be willing to learn continuously to succeed in any field. That was very true when the presenter an ex-floor trader told us he was shocked to find out that a retired trader worth $16million is still learning and writing down notes in a previous trading seminar! He said the retired trader is very happy even with a 10% of new knowledge found in trading.

Just to share how I trade. For me, before I trade I will update myself on good blogs and websites such as Bloomberg, Forexfactory , CNBC, Kathy Lien etc. Talk about Kathy Lien she was at Invest Fair Aug 09' Singapore. Many people had the opportunity to learn from her as with her previous appearance at Asia Trader & Investor Conference (ATIC) March 09'. One thing for sure, her presence will be full house! A person success does not comes by chance but stood the test of time. Normally, tons of gurus will tell you tons of story and sell you products but of little use in trading.

Kathy is a person who is very relevant when it comes to trading, only a trader will know thy trader. I have been following her blog closely and was amazed 9 out of 10 times what she said come to pass. (Note : Some gurus claimed 100% accuracy but please beware.) Her free forex trading class is worth much more than paid seminars. She taught traders how to trade profitably. My skill in trading went up to another level and it was mind blowing for me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to trade effectively

I happen to stumble upon this blog, follow for quite sometime and read on the success forex trading by Nick. This guy is what I believe doing things for passion and making real money. His trading success rate is 80%.
No! He will not charge you with a big sum of money like most others. In fact, he even shows his free weekly
trading analysis in advance on how he will trade and sometimes show you in recorded videos using his live account how he trade! (Most failed traders only tell you history events, sell stuff or the usual disclaimer) However, you need to read his free e-books before making any trades.
Trading is a skill and it takes time and patience. He trades mostly on GBPJPY. Most successful traders will only trade a few currency pair. Each currency pair behaves differently and it takes time to know them well. I know some would claimed to be able to trade all the currency pairs. Just look at George Soros making $1billion trading GBPUSD. Way to go

Friday, July 31, 2009

Living The Abundant Life!

Yes, it's Friday and time for a break! Be charge up once again. Let this mind movie brings you closer to your heart desire in attracting what is rightfully yours - Good health, abundance of money, great time with your love ones, desire home etc. Dance to the beat and feel the energy strike your inner self. You might still in the learning curve in mastering Forex market. When you put your heart, mind and soul you will stand up strong and be a successful Forex trader in due season if you faint not.